Generate your own electricity and enjoy a cash return of over £22,000!

If you want to dramatically reduce your electricity bills and help combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint, then Solar panels are the way forward. Solar PV systems capture the sun’s energy using PV cells and converts it directly into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting. These cells don’t need direct sunlight to work – they can still generate electricity on a cloudy day.

Here’s the added bonus…

As energy prices continue to rise solar power helps to ‘future proof’ your home against rising costs, whilst ensuring a continual supply of electricity.

Through the Feed in Tariff Scheme, you get paid for the electricity you generate and use in your home, providing an excellent return on investment.

Our Solar PV panels come with a 25 year performance guarantee and require little or no maintenance and our invertor comes with a 10 year guarantee.

We provide customers with high quality products and give you as much support as you require when applying for the Feed in Tariff, from guidance and support over the phone to filling the application form out for you.