Simon Montador

20kW BIOMASS Installation

Simon was an existing customer whom we had done work for previously when he was building a new storage, pumping and ultraviolet filtering system for their private water supply.

When Simon was building the new house he asked if we could get involved with the design of the new heating system. We designed and fitted a small domestic 20kW boiler with full weather compensation and a 400 litre hot water solar cylinder with a twin coil and a three panel flat plate in roof solar thermal system.

We designed and installed under floor heating for the ground floor which was on a split level, we installed all the insulation above the floor, all the polythene, laid and filled all our under floor heating pipe work ready for the screed which we sub contracted out to Glenalmond Contracts.

We had 156m2 of floor area to cover which we designed a nine loop under floor heating system, this was all wired by our in house electrician.

RHI is calculated on deemed usage from EPC which is 37,000kWh x 0.0893p = £3,304.10 x 7 years = £23,128.70 they will also receive the added RHI for the solar thermal technology of around £4,900 and their on going fuel savings 30% to 35% savings over oil.