Drumoig Hotel & Golf Resort

Installation of a 15kW GROUND SOURCE HEAT PUMP with full new wet radiator system for one of the lodges.

We were first of all were called in to look at the feasibility of removing all the electric storage heaters and fit a full wet system to the lodge.

We designed our heat emitters with a flow temperature to the of 40 degrees to help get a good seasonal performance factor which helps with the RHI payments. As the ground was sandy we designed a ground loop system of 1500m. The GSHP was paired with a 300 litre buffer vessel and two 300 litre cylinders in the lodge.

With the success of this project we then did a second lodge and are currently installing an 80kW system for the hotel with two 40kW GSHP a 500 litre buffer vessel and two 500 litre hot water cylinders and ground loops of 6000m of pipe work.

This is our biggest installation to date with only a handful of companies in Scotland being able to design and deliver a project of this size.

Non domestic see’s the client receive 80kW x 1314kW/h = 105,120kWh x 0.087p per kW = £9,145.44 on tier 1 for 20 years = £182,908.80 over 20 years as well assigning fuel savings which would be around 60% cheaper than the electric storage heaters they had installed previously.