Alan Ramsay

17kW Ground Source Heat Pump Installation 2012

Alan did a major renovation which included only two walls left of the original house at the rear and only the front living room left standing.

The house was then extended by 2/3 of the size and re fitted with everything. The solem was all dug out and a new sub floor fitted ready for under floor heating. We have two 3 manifolds downstairs with a total of 30 loops and we have 18 loops upstairs on a plated system.

The house in total is around 380m2, we have designed a NIBE ground source heat pump for this project which has two 150m active depth bore holes with a 300 litre buffer and a 500 litre NIBE cylinder.

Domestic RHI is paid on the deemed usage from the EPC which is 39,000kWh for heating and water = 39,000kWh x 0.75 x 0.188p  = £5,499 for 7 years = £38,493 and ongoing fuel savings as well as of around 45% to 50% cheaper than oil.