Greystone Energy are one of Scotland’s leading wood fuel heating companies. A company with vast experience in the design, manufacture and installation of solid fuel heating systems.

We offer a complete range (10kW to 5MW) of biomass boilers for the commercial market. Greystone Energy offer heating only, steam production and CHP (electricity producing) biogas boilers. Our projects range from simple single boiler installations through to larger scale district heating schemes or industrial process applications – capable of incorporating multiple units.

Our range of boilers can burn different fuel types; Wood Chip, Recycled Wood Chip, Miscanthus, Wood Pellet, Straw or Draff.

For sites where boiler room constraints apply, Greystone Energy offer a range of bespoke containerised plant room solutions (Heat Cabin), complete with boiler, fuel store, thermal buffer tank ( accumulator tanks ) and controls.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer unrivalled after-sales service and support. Customer satisfaction is our priority.